Everything To Know About E-Bikes, Useful Facts

Electric bikes are becoming popular daily in Europe. They make it easier to make long commutes and get you far on leisure rides. E-Bikes also more prominent because of their many features than regular bikes. However, despite its growing popularity, few people know much about electric bikes. To remedy this, this article will explain all you need to know about electric bikes. This way, you’ll be able to figure out if an electric bike is the best fit for you. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in.

How Does Electric Bikes Work

Electric bikes are like regular bicycles; but with the added help of a battery and a motor. An electric bike operates with a battery-powered motor that makes riding more efficient. In addition, it usually comes with a small digital display that allows you to determine the amount of motor input as you go. These inputs are often referred to as assistance levels. So, while you pedal, you can choose an assistance level to make the motor match your level. You could also opt for doubling it to increase your efforts and propel you along.

How They Differ from Other Motorized Vehicles

For electric bikes to kick in, you have to pedal. Additionally, they differ from other electric motorized vehicles because they cannot go faster than 25km/h. Due to these restrictions, riders usually don’t need a license to license it like with a scooter. The fact that the speed limit is 25km/h doesn’t mean you can’t go faster. However, it will cut off the motor assistance you use at this speed.

If you want to go faster, you might need to pedal harder or simply go downhill. When considering an electric bike for kids, the safe speed is one of the top reasons to simply go for it. Even when it comes to an electric bike adults can use 25km/h is an impressive speed. It is safe for cruising on flat surfaces and will feel very fast when you’re going uphill.

A man climbing a hill in a mountain bike

Can I still exercise using an Electric Bike?

Most people don’t consider an electric bike to buy because they don’t think they can exercise. Many people bike for exercising only and, therefore, avoid the option. However, an electric bike is still a great way to get some exercise. It is like a regular bike; thus, your heart rate will increase while riding. You’ll also breathe more deeply, and you’ll burn calories.

The assistance level feature that an e-bike offers determines the amount of support you get from the motor. If you haven’t ridden for years, it’s best to start with a high assistance level and slowly build up your stamina. However, if you’re a keen cyclist and you find yourself running out of puffs on longer hills, the electric bike’s assistance level will provide you with the extra boost you need while you’re also getting a workout.

Electric Bikes and Weight

An electric bike can sometimes be 10kg heavier than a non-electric bike. When you check out an electric bike review, you’ll find that similar non-electric weigh much less than these e-bikes. For example, a hybrid electric bike can weigh 22-25kg. A folding e-bike is usually a lighter option because they’re designed for mobility. Therefore, you can generally find them from 15-18kg.

The additional weight that accompanies an electric bike is due to the battery and motor it features. Although it doesn’t make any difference while you’re riding, it’s crucial when you’re transporting the e-bike. Usually, lifting or carrying an electric bike requires a bit of muscle. It is noteworthy that some models weigh much less than the typical electric bike. However, they’re usually made of carbon fiber and are pricier. If you would be lifting the e-bike regularly, then it might be a great idea to invest in lighter electric bikes like this.

Price of an E-Bike

The price for brand new e-bikes usually varies from €800 – €6000. However, you’re more likely to find most electric bikes between €1200 and €3000. For those looking for a cheap electric bike, it is best to budget €800 – €3000 for a quality e-bike. An electric bike for kids is usually more affordable than an electric bike for adults. There are varying factors that determine the price of an electric bike, and they include:

  • Motor Position: Electric bikes with front and rear hub motors are usually cheaper options. However, it is generally pricier when you go for an electric bike with a mid-hub motor.
  • Mileage: For an electric bike to get you very far on a single charge, there’s a need for a battery with a larger capacity. Such electric bikes usually cost more because of the battery. However, note that higher-powered batteries don’t always mean higher mileage. You also need to ensure the motor is efficient and offer you the best performance.
  • Frame Material: Additionally, you need to consider the frame material when making your choice of electric bike. It costs more when it features a light material frame like carbon fiber. This is because it weighs less and is easier to carry.

Final Thoughts

Technology continues to explode at lightning speed, and access to electric bikes is becoming more prevalent. There’s a new e-bike brand every other day offering buyers something innovative. Therefore, now more than ever, it’s time to take a chance on electric bikes. Electric bikes always seem complicated, but this guide simplifies it for you. We’ve provided you with every detail you need to know about electric bikes. If you want to get healthy, save money and have some fun, you should buy an electric bike.


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