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EVelectricvehicles Sales was founded in December 2017 when Maciej Gasowski, (Matthew), came home after a day of work. Back then, he drove a 141 Nissan Leaf SVE, which was the beginning of his adventure with Ev’s in 2015. While sitting in the living room with his wife and two daughters, Matthew decided, that he wanted to open a business. That same evening, the family came up with the family business’ name, EVelectricvehicles Sales. At first, Margareta, Matthew’s wife, Karolina and Julia, his two daughters, laughed at the idea. Matthew was never before interested in opening his own company. As they sat there laughing about the idea, they soon realized he was being completely serious…

From the home and heart of the company, the family home, they began growing EVelectricvehicles Sales in early 2018. From the humble beginnings in a shed in the back of a neighbor’s house that kept their Electric Cars safe, to a showroom now filled with Electric Cars, Electric Bikes, Electric Mopeds and Electric Mobility Scooters.

They dared to break the Irish motor market.

An electric enthusiast’s dream.

We are proud to be one of the companies that lead the electric vehicle market in Ireland, with the help and support of our partners. Together, we aim to make Ireland greener than green.

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Our mission is your mission. There is no us without you.

EV electric vehicles Sales is a family business that aims to bring some electric power to your life. We seek to be recognized as the leading electric vehicle traders in Ireland. We exist to connect people who share an interest in electric vehicles and share the concern for our planet. We aim to help our customers live sustainably.

EVelectricvehicles Sales acts as a supportive forum for new electric vehicle owners. We hope to inform and educate people interested in living an eco-conscious life with our knowledge on electric cars, mopeds and e-bikes. We hope to make our planet the way it should be, eco-friendly and sustainable through our transport methods. We are constantly improving and introducing new products that reflect our mission. We make a conscious effort to adapt to the world and contribute our penny to the planet’s health. We create a warm environment that nurtures a relationship with our customers and partner. We aim to provide a quick, easy and welcoming service. We showcase our appreciation for our customers.


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