5 Leading Reasons to Consider an Electric Vehicle in 2022

Because of the pandemic, dealerships have been dealing with a surge in demand for new cars. But, more importantly, the demand is for electric vehicles. For most people purchasing their first electric vehicle, this means a start of a journey towards making better decisions. The question lies in whether to continue with internal combustion options or embrace the future of electric vehicles. That’s right; the future of electric cars is coming, so now is the best time to take the plunge. If you’re still looking for a push, below are 5 reasons to consider an electric vehicle in 2022.

Minimal Running Cost 

Once you choose to purchase an electric vehicle, you’ll discover that one of the benefits is a low running cost. The price for running an electric vehicle is significantly lower than driving a petrol model. In addition, you can quickly locate electric vehicle charging stations and charge your electric car to use the next day. Therefore, you would be utilizing electricity at a lower rate unit than during the day.

Additionally, it costs a few euros to complete electric vehicle charging at home. However, the cost is lesser than what you would spend to fill a car with petrol to cover the same mileage. Most times, the cost of charging an electric vehicle depends on how, when, and where you charge it. By getting an electric vehicle charger, you could get a home charging point and install it when you get your electric car.

A Smooth Driving Experience

Another reason you should consider an electric vehicle in 2022 is because of the smooth driving experience you’ll enjoy. The only noise with an electric car is a faint whirring sound. Therefore, you’re sure to be comfortable inside this vehicle. The only sound is tires on the road, and road noise when riding.

The electric vehicle’s noise is so non-existent that most manufacturers are including sound generators in their design. This feature helps make road users aware of the car’s presence when driving. The car is comfortable, and the suspension holds the battery weight comfortably. With batteries mounted low in the vehicle, the electric motor takes less space than the combustion engine. Therefore, the passenger compartment offers more space than other similar-sized petrol vehicles.

High Mileage Range

Another reason we think you should jump on the EV train is the high mileage range that you’ll enjoy. Most people worry about the battery and the range it could take you. However, many electric vehicles today can get you a very long way. Some EVs like the Hyundai electric vehicle can take you 450kms on a single charge. You could use fast charging points located at electric vehicle charging stations and service points while you’re on the road.

Some people may question that electric vehicle batteries slowly degrade over time. However, the effect is usually gradual. Most batteries today come with 8 years guarantee or even more. Therefore, you are assured of an enjoyable and long ride on your electric vehicle.

Electric vehicles at a charge station

Tax Incentive and Government Grants

Although the cost of an electric car is higher than that of a diesel vehicle, there are many incentives to encourage you to get one. There are several government grants for getting brand new electric cars.

Zero Emissions

Electric cars are also more environmentally safe because they offer zero-emission while you’re on the road. As a result, they help to reduce CO2 and several other harmful greenhouse gases. The particles that exit car exhaust are also detrimental to health. However, that’s not the case with electric vehicles. Therefore, with no fume or exhaust, there’s no pollution with electric cars.

Some would argue that electric vehicles do affect Mother Nature. However, that only depends on how the electricity used in powering the car is generated. Therefore, if you want to minimize your carbon footprint, you should consider an electric vehicle in 2022.

Final Thoughts 

Electric vehicles continue to debut in all vehicle classes, so you have more options to explore. As this article explains, there are more positives than negatives to purchasing a battery-powered vehicle. Once you choose to go electric, you’re sure to find the style that suits you best. The electric future is here; buying an electric vehicle ensures you don’t get left behind.


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