Our Retro model, Unique 500 features a vintage design and classic paint job.
It has been designed specifically with your needs in mind and is equipped with a strong 500W motor and a very long running range up to 60km per charge.
Its dashing performance reaches a top speed of 8mph (UK) or 15 mph (EU).
Our Retro model is sure to turn heads and bring back memories.
It includes features such as retro style headlights, dual hand brakes, rear view mirrors, a padded seat and footrest inserted for your comfort.
Our Retro models front and rear suspension will ensure you enjoy a smooth ride.

Our Retro Unique 500 model is a class 3 mobility scooter.
It can be driven both on roads and pavements and you do not need a driving licence, insurance or pay road tax. Scooters are both road and footpath legal.

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