NEW!! Fasti 4 Mobility Scooter


FASTI 4 is a new, comfortable, unbuilt vehicle facilitating movement by ELECTRORIDE. It has a medical certificate, which in many countries exempts you from the obligation to register and have a driving license and makes the FASTI 4 model treated as a pedestrian in road traffic. This makes it possible to walk on the sidewalk, enter a park or even a shopping mall! FASTI 4 is equipped with a comfortable armchair with a backrest and raised armrests. It has independent front suspension and high ground clearance, which make driving on uneven surfaces, cobblestones or off asphalt roads a pleasure. Similarly to other vehicles from the FASTI series, it is possible to install a roof on it, which protects the user against wind, drizzle and sun rays.

60V20Ah Lead Acid batteries
1000W Motor
Independent suspension
Remote Alarm
Weight with batteries 136 kg
Maximum speed 25 km/h
Charging time 4-8 hours
Charging voltage 220-240V
With standard low backrest

Height: 113cm

Length: 162cm

Width: 69cm


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